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Terms & Conditions

(1 Jan 2015)

We want your purchasing experience with us to be quick, easy, informative and 100% satisfying for you.  Over the years we have learned what seems to work best both for TerraMai and for our clients.  Outlined below are the Terms & Conditions under which you are purchasing materials from TerraMai.


Material Specifications and Quantities

It’s important to us that the TerraMai material you are ordering meets your requirements in all respects; aesthetics, dimensions, quantities, and so forth.  Therefore, we ask that you take some extra time to ensure this is the case (and, in any event, TerraMai is not responsible for such).  

In regards to quantities

  • Please be sure to carefully measure the area (floor, wall, deck, etc.) that you are covering
  • Depending on complexity of coverage area, pattern of application and so forth, you will typically want to order 10-20% extra material
  • In addition, you may want to order some for attic stock just in case it is needed at some point in the future


Imperial (English) and Metric Measurements

TerraMai materials are milled either to imperial (English) dimensions or to metric dimensions. Materials milled to metric dimensions are typically indicated in both imperial (English) and metric with metric being the overriding dimension.


Material Variability and Samples

Reclaimed wood is a natural substance. Unlike many industrially manufactured goods, TerraMai materials typically show unique intrinsic character which adds to the beauty of our woods. This character may include, amongst other things, a variety of colors, knots, texture, grain patterns, surface checking, oxide staining, as well as holes from insects, nails and bolts.

Any samples you receive from TerraMai will be substantially similar to the material you receive. However, due to the nature of wood in general and reclaimed wood in particular, samples typically CANNOT contain all the variations that will be present in the final material. Please contact us prior to placing your order if you have any questions regarding this.

Please also note that with exposure to UV rays (light of various sources but especially sunshine) all woods tend to change their appearance somewhat.  This is a natural and inevitable process and is NOT in any way considered a defect.


Order Placement & Lead Times

Once you place your order, your credit card will be charged for the full amount and the order is binding (non-cancellable).

Most orders ship from our warehouse in five business days or less (with shipping time being in addition to these five days).  On occasion, due to inventory constraints, orders from other customers and/or the need to further process your material (for example, applying certain finishes) lead times may be up to three weeks.  If your material is not expected to be available within three weeks, we will contact you directly by phone and/or email to inform you of the lead time.


Shipping, Handling & Insurance

TerraMai ships material FOB from one or more of our plants/warehouses. Ownership passes from TerraMai to you when the materials are released to a Common Carrier (for example, FedEx).

Included in your purchase is a fixed fee to cover all shipping, handling and insurance costs. This not only covers the cost of packaging your materials for shipment and the cost of shipping but it means that your shipment is insured by TerraMai for the full retail value. In the event there is any shipping damage, first note the exception on the Delivery Receipt and do NOT sign for it as “Clear”.  Unless the exception is noted, TerraMai has no recourse to the Common Carrier and any damage will be your responsibility. Afterwards and within 48 hours, we require that you please send full details and pictures to TerraMai by email ( so that we can address the situation as quickly as possible.

Please note that if the Ship To address you give us is incorrect and the material needs to be delivered to a different address, if you are not available to receive the shipment, or if there are other delivery issues, you will incur additional charges and these will be automatically billed to your already supplied credit card.

For orders to Canada there are additional duties and taxes that may apply. Import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not included in the product price or shipping and handling cost. Any additional applicable fees will be collected upon delivery by the carrier. These charges are the recipient’s responsibility as TerraMai is only charging transportation fees for the shipment. Please check with your customs office to determine any additional costs.


Partial Shipments

Although TerraMai ships most orders as a single shipment, on rare occasion TerraMai makes partial shipments.  We will let you know in advance if this is the case.


Material Acceptance

Please thoroughly inspect the material immediately upon its arrival. From the date the material arrives, you have seven calendar days to inform TerraMai of any discrepancy between the specifications of the material received and the specifications as shown on our eStore. In the event you feel the material does not conform to specifications:

  1. You must, within this seven day inspection period, notify TerraMai by email of any discrepancy (please send to
    • Please clearly explain in what way(s) the material does not conform to the specifications
    • Please include pictures illustrating the problem
    • Please refrain from installing, finishing, or in any way whatsoever altering the material as TerraMai cannot accept any returns once the material has been altered
  2. TerraMai Customer Service will promptly contact you in order to resolve the issue. If TerraMai finds that the material shipped does not match the specification on the eStore, TerraMai may at its option:
    • Replace or reprocess the non-conforming material (you will be asked to package up at your cost and return the non-conforming material to TerraMai with shipping paid by TerraMai), or
    • Credit you for the non-conforming material once received back at TerraMai in a condition deemed acceptable to TerraMai (you will be asked to package up at your cost and return the non-conforming material to TerraMai with shipping paid by TerraMai).
  3. Note that TerraMai is not able to accept return of material that conforms to the specifications as outlined on the eStore.


Installation of Material

TerraMai cannot and does not take any responsibility for installation issues or problems resulting from installation of any TerraMai materials. This means that you accept full responsibility for such issues which can include, amongst other issues, lost labor, removal labor, reinstallation labor and/or cost of wasted materials for any and all reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • Failure to properly inspect and reject material prior to installation.
  • In the case of flooring, failure to follow National Wood Flooring Association installation (NWFA), and maintenance guidelines for hardwood floors and/or failure to use a licensed hardwood floor installer.
  • In the case of non-flooring applications, failure to follow professional best practice installation standards.



In the event you find that the already received material from TerraMai is not sufficient to complete the installation:

  • Such shortfall is your responsibility (and not TerraMai’s).
  • In the event you wish to purchase additional “Add-On” material from TerraMai to complete the installation, please know that TerraMai CANNOT assure Purchaser that Add-On material will blend in or look identical to the original material (though it typically will blend in).


Resolution of Disputes

If a dispute arises regarding any sale between yourself and TerraMai, the dispute will be settled using licensed arbitration within Jackson County, OR.The cost of the arbitrator shall be born equally by yourself and by TerraMai, but any other costs or expenses associated with arbitration shall be the sole responsibility of the individual or entity incurring the cost or expense.